3 Secrets That Increase the Value of Your Dogfooding Program

While gathering employee feedback about a product before it launches has enormous advantages, it also comes with a number of challenges, including employee entitlement, tester bandwidth, and departmental silos.

In this webinar, Centercode's Product Manager Chris Rader will share insights and best practices to overcome these challenges and improve the value of your dogfooding program.

What We'll Cover

Improve Employee Participation

Learn alternative incentive strategies to find testers, motivate them to provide feedback, and keep them coming back for future tests.

Increase Feedback Quality

Discover creative testing scenarios that will help you capture more feedback from real-world situations and surface new use cases for future tests.

Demonstrate Program ROI

Establish a "customer zero" culture by driving product improvements, gaining stakeholder buy-in, and capturing the attention of your company.

Watch the Webinar