The Beta
Shipping Manual

Every successful hardware beta test needs testers who are ready to go on day one. This whitepaper outlines the processes we use to get testers beta units quickly, securely, and on time.

What's Inside

Manage Inventory Effectively

Inventory needs to be secured and organized throughout your hardware test. We'll teach you the most effective ways to store, track, and sort your beta units before they are packaged and shipped out to testers.

Coordinate Shipping Successfully

We'll outline everything you should include in the package you send to your testers. We also explain how to choose the right shipping service and break down best practices for domestic and international shipping.

Process Returns Quickly

Making sure your beta units get back to you quickly is no easy task. It takes diligent and repeated communication (both before and after your test) to make sure your beta units are back in your hands when you need them.

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