Beta Test Incentives Kit

How you reward your testers will have a significant impact on the success of your user testing program. This kit will help you build a strategy to incentivize and reward your beta testers for the hard work they put into your beta tests.

What's Inside

Building the Tester Experience

The first step in motivating your beta testers is building a rewarding testing experience. Our whitepaper will show you how to create an experience that naturally keeps your testers interested and feeling valued.

Selecting the Right Incentives

Beta testing involves giving testers a gift to thank them for their contribution. Our whitepaper will help you determine the right incentive, who to give it to, and when to distribute it for highest impact.

Budgeting for Your Strategy

Our kit includes a calculator that uses best practices and basic information about your test to help you plan your incentive strategy. It will determine your budget and help you decide if your product is a suitable reward.

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