Beta Testing Is Dead

In a world running on wireless internet, smartphones, and connected products, relics of the Waterfall era like traditional beta testing can't deliver results fast enough to keep pace with Agile and continuous iteration.

But that doesn't change the fact that continuous customer feedback is vital for creating and maintaining crowd-pleasing products. That's where user testing automation comes in.

This ebook follows the death of beta and the rise of delta testing. See why today's top companies are laying traditional beta to rest and learn about the user testing practice that's supercharging initiatives throughout the product life cycle.

What's Inside?

The Rise and Fall of Beta

Learn why beta gained popularity and how it's failing to meet the demands of modern product development.

Trends Shaping Today's Market

Dig into the industry trends that show a need for a faster, more reliable, and more consistent means of user testing.

9 Signs It's Time to Move On

Are your beta processes ready for an overhaul? Explore the most common indicators that it's time to automate.

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