Product Testing & COVID-19

People have changed how they're living.
But they still need technology.

How do you make sure your product is ready for release when so much has changed? We can help you adapt your product tests for the “New Normal,” so you can give your customers the products they need and deserve.

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Tackling the Challenges of Beta Testing in a COVID World

For an in-depth look at how beta testing has changed with COVID-19—and how you can overcome those changes—check out our recent blog post.

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New Challenges

Are any of these standing between you and a successful product launch?

Stressed Customers Mean Higher Expectations

With emotions running high and patience wearing thin, meeting customer expectations is more important than ever. A well-organized beta test that identifies what you need to fix, improve, and promote can make a huge difference in your product reviews. And the best way to organize your beta tests is the Centercode Platform.

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Layoffs Hurt Testing, Even If Your Team Was Spared

Whether layoffs have saddled you with more work or just caused delays in your schedule, Centercode's managed testing services can step in immediately to lighten your load and keep your product release on track.

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It's Not Just Your Testers Who Are Remote Now

With teams scattered across cities and countries, it's harder (and more time-consuming) than ever to collaborate. The Centercode Platform is your virtual hub for product intelligence, keeping everyone on the same page with centralized feedback management and dashboards.

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This Is a Bad Time for Slow Recruitments

Balancing home and work life isn't easy right now, so you can't afford to waste time on slow recruitments and unengaged testers. With a diverse and enthusiastic network that's 250,000 testers strong, we can help you recruit the exact audience you need.

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Living Rooms Aren't Meant for Shipping and Receiving

If you’re not sure how to get physical products to testers because COVID-19 has impacted your distribution process, don’t let that derail your testing. We've got a free eBook that's all about shipping beta products. Of course, we can also handle the logistics for you with our managed services.

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When the only thing that hasn't changed is your launch date


Fully Managed Tests

Get turnkey results without lifting a finger by leveraging our 18 years of expertise in helping launch thousands of successful products.

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Scalable Platform

Rev up your feedback engine with a central platform for managing tests and organizing feedback like never before.

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Tester Network

Tap into our network of 250,000 members, hand-select your audience profile, and connect with the perfect testers for your product.

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