Curing the Four Common Causes of
Low Tester Engagement

Half of test managers say they struggle to maintain tester participation and secure actionable data. Join Product Director Chris Rader as he identifies the symptoms of falling engagement — like unresponsive testers and a low amount of relevant feedback — and diagnoses the underlying causes.

You'll walk away with actionable tactics for keeping testers engaged and for increasing the volume of quality feedback coming in during your user tests.

What We'll Cover

Symptoms of Poor Participation

Not getting enough feedback isn't the only way low engagement affects your test. Learn the early warning signs of participation issues.

4 Causes of Low Engagement

Take a deep-dive into the four most common underlying causes of low engagement and why they make such a big impact on test success.

Tactics for Increasing Participation

Get straightforward strategies and tactics that are proven to prevent falling engagement and increase incoming customer feedback.

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