Continuous Customer Testing

Customer Validation Industry Report

Trends and Insights for 2020

Customer Validation Industry Report

Trends and Insights for 2020

How are Customer Validation programs evolving in 2020? Based on the data from 240+ respondents across industry verticals, this in-depth analysis of the customer testing industry reveals the biggest obstacles facing CV programs and the professionals who manage them. Learn which tactics are detracting from program effectiveness and which ones are making a lasting impact on program success.

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What's in the Report?


What's Influencing Low Tester Participation

Explore the factors that contribute to tester engagement challenges, like time shortages and issues with other key processes.


The Causes of Time Sinks During Data Collection

Learn how the tools used to collect customer input and product analytics are influencing time spent organizing and prioritizing results.


Processes That Drive Steady Improvement

Get a look at the CV processes and tactics that are spurring on smarter time investments and high-performance programs.

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