Continuous Customer Testing


Customer Validation for Product Managers


Customer Validation for Product Managers

Effective user testing programs provide insights that allow product teams to make market-driven product development and roadmap decisions. But what if your resources are limited? In this webinar Luke Freiler, CEO of Centercode, will share how product teams without a full-time customer-testing team can leverage turnkey assets to run quick and efficient delta programs that ensure better market acceptance and revenue growth.

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What We'll Cover


Benefits of Lean Customer Validation

Discover insights by testing your pre-release products outside the QA lab with a small group of targeted testers whose feedback help you make meaningful improvements.


Focus on the feedback that matters

Familiarize yourself with different types of product feedback (bugs, suggestions, surveys, etc.) so you can determine what parts of the product to fix, improve or promote.


Leverage turnkey assets to produce results

Prove the ROI of your program by leveraging key assets that will keep you organized, allow you to execute tests efficiently, collect feedback, and share results with stakeholders.

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