Delta Testing:
A Survival Guide to
Economic Downturn

When there are concerns about a recession, businesses start scrutinizing their costs, which brings about cutbacks to staff and purchasing. This ebook is an essential tool for overcoming the obstacles of developing a product and thriving during an economic downturn. 

This survival guide will help you bridge the gap in the last mile of development so your products are helpful, dependable, and delightful once released.

What's Inside

Survive the Wild

Learn how to survive the product development cycle after layoffs and budget freezes create an obstacle course of disasters.

Do More With Less

Explore how delta testing works as a force multiplier by amplifying the effectiveness of your software testing efforts to get you to the finish line.

Lemons Into Lemonade

Take advantage of hard times and become the hero of your company by releasing a successful product.

Ready to get your survival guide?