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Delta Testing Glossary

Modern tech organizations are embracing delta testing as an automated approach to delivering customer feedback throughout product development. But as a practice with multi-layered use cases and enormous potential, it's critical to ensure your team members are all speaking the same language.

This delta testing glossary is the perfect tool for keeping everyone in the know. With common definitions clarified and the possibilities of delta testing neatly outlined, you'll speed up meetings and spark conversations with stakeholders that'll secure even more resources and interest in your program.

What's Inside?

Industry Terminology

Get acquainted with the terms and definitions used across the industry by modern tech companies using delta testing programs and processes.

Get the Basics

Learn the terms while getting the basics on delta testing and how it's leveraged throughout development to hit different goals.

Also Known As

You say "delta," they say "field testing." This glossary helps translate the terms and processes that vary across departments.

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