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Upping Your Game: Enhancing Quality Outcomes with Customer Validation


Upping Your Game: Enhancing Quality Outcomes with Customer Validation

To maintain their competitive edge, today’s companies are releasing more and more products every year. This often creates increased stress and aggravates existing challenges for quality testing teams who must balance tight product development deadlines with the desire to ensure thorough tests that identify potential product issues prior to product launch.

In our upcoming webinar, we'll discuss the challenges many product development and quality teams face when it comes to balancing product testing with launch schedules and share best practices for creating more efficient and effective programs. Guest speaker Alex Larsen, Beta Product Specialist at, a leading provider of high-tech security solutions, will share how his organization leverages the Customer Validation Framework to enhance quality testing procedures, integrate their customer's voice into the product life cycle, and work together as a central force in the organization to build high-quality products their customers love.

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What We'll Cover


Common Quality Testing Challenges

Understand the pros and cons of current quality testing efforts and how Beta helps address missed opportunities that could otherwise drive updated processes, better efficiency, and greater ROI.


Going Beyond Bugs with Customer Validation

Learn Customer Validation best practices that help quality testing teams, such as at, get higher ROI from their testing projects, while delivering greater product insights on a weekly basis.


Elevating Quality’s Voice in Product Development

Learn which Customer Validation methods and reports today’s Quality Teams are using to communicate greater value to the other stakeholders involved in the product development life cycle.

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