Continuous Customer Testing


Picking the Right Test Strategy


Picking the Right Test Strategy

Oftentimes, product development teams try to pack a variety of testing objectives into one single test, producing results that are unclear, incomplete, or unreliable. The reality is that Alpha, Beta, and Field Tests work together to address unique and equally important testing goals that come together to provide a complete picture of your product's performance. In this webinar, Centercode Sr. Director of Customer Success Austin Meyer will discuss the ins and outs of picking the test strategy that best aligns with your Customer Validation objectives.

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What We'll Cover


Why Not A Single Test?

Define the specific objectives of your test and understand the ramifications of trying to achieve them by running just one type of customer test before launch.


The Customer Validation Solution

Implement a proven framework that clearly outlines test objectives, specific types of testers for each test type, and strategies that are tailored toward achieving your goals.


The Benefits of Multiple Test Types

From clear and focused results and actionable recommendations to better tester participation, learn about the undeniable benefits of running multiple types of CV tests.

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