Private vs. Public Beta:
6 Key Differences Revealed

Choosing between a public and private beta test is a critical decision—wouldn’t you feel more confident in your choice after hearing from someone who has helped recruit for over 6,500 tests? Centercode Product Director Brad Day dives deep into his decade-long career in this live webinar.

Join us to absorb the insights and learn:

  • Key differences between private and public betas
  • Practical strategies to help you recruit for and manage both types of beta tests
  • How to decide which approach is best for your needs

What We'll Cover

How They Compare

Learn how public and private beta testing differ beyond just exclusivity based on experience with more than 6,500 tests.

Strategies & Best Practices

Discover differing strategies for effectively managing tester sign-ups, feedback, and engagement. Walk away with actionable tactics.

Deciding Between Private & Public

Understand how to determine which type of beta test - public or private - best suits your product's needs and testing goals.

Watch the Webinar