The Product Manager's Guide to Understanding Customers

Today's product managers rely on customer feedback to drive confident decision-making. At the same time, knowing which feedback strategy to apply at any given time during the lifetime of your product isn't always a clear choice.

This guide will give you a clear understanding of the user research practices you need to shape your product with customer feedback at every stage of the product life cycle.

What's in the Ebook?

Customer Research and Success as a Modern Product Manager

Learn why savvy product managers are adopting customer-driven practices to excel in the world of agile development and continuous delivery.

4 Critical User Research Disciplines to Know and Use

No formal research training? That's OK. Get familiar with 4 key user research disciplines and how they fuel your product management priorities.

Understanding How to Get the Right Feedback, At the Right Time

Master the ability to use each different type of customer feedback at the optimal time throughout the product development life cycle.

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