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Q&A Webinar

The Role of Project Management in Continuous Testing

Q&A Webinar

The Role of Project Management in Continuous Testing

Translator, therapist, delivery man, babysitter. The roles you play as a project manager are endless, but each is vital to keeping your development schedule on track. Get an inside look at Centercode's in-house delta testing processes in this fireside chat with Project Manager Bryan Foley and Tom Peelen, PMP. They'll share how project management skills help them prioritize ongoing feedback, balance stakeholder needs, and push through roadblocks.


What We'll Cover


Scoping Continuous Customer Tests

Hear insider advice on defining the scope of your ongoing test and balancing it with current engineering workloads.


Scheduling When Your Targets are Moving

Discover the key contributors to delta test scheduling, like anticipating new projects and knowing how long to test each feature.


Communicating with Multiple Stakeholders

Learn how to negotiate priorities across different departments while setting inclusive, achievable objectives for your CV tests.

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