Silent Signals:
Hearing the Unheard in Beta Testing

Beta testing is often seen just as a bug hunt, focusing solely on what's broken and how to fix it. This narrow view misses out on a wealth of feedback—ideas, usability issues, product praise, and more—that doesn't make the headline but is equally crucial. This goldmine of insights is frequently overlooked, leaving a rich vein of data untapped and undervalued.

In this webinar, we're setting our sights beyond the bugs. We'll guide you through:

  • Identifying and valuing all forms of feedback
  • Getting insights to the right teams for actionable outcomes
  • Elevating beta testing's role to secure necessary resources

What We’ll Cover:

Hidden Cache of Insights

Venture beyond the noise of bug reports to uncover the silent signals in your beta tests. Learn to harness more data to get the maximum value possible from your test.

Amplify the Unheard

Unused feedback might as well not exist. Get tips on shepherding key user insights to the right teams to boost product development and organizational success.

Elevate Your Impact

Discover job-securing tactics to promote the importance and value of beta testing within your company, ensuring it gets the recognition and resources it deserves.

Watch the Webinar