5 Testing Trends That Increase Success for Connected Products

Predicting how your connected product will perform in the diverse ecosystems of your customers is extremely difficult from inside the confines of a lab.

Frequent network drop-offs and software defects lead to a high volume of returns, but leveraging employee insights early and often in the development process helps you identify customer expectations, increase retention, and build better products.

What We'll Cover

What’s Missing in Today’s Tech

We’ll discuss where voice-enabled devices are headed, why 22% of customers return their connected products, and how user testing strengthens retention.

The 5 Benefits of Employee Testing

Don’t wait until after release to address user expectations. We’ll highlight actionable ways you can use employee testing to scale your efforts with diverse, real-world use cases.

Dogfooding with Meaningful Results

You'll learn how to reap the benefits of dogfooding today with practical, budget-friendly techniques that engage employees and increase cross-team collaboration.

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