The Builder's Blueprint to Driving Tester Feedback

Join us as Austin Meyer shares proven tactics for driving beta tester engagement and feedback, including setting clear expectations, creating engaging activities, and closing the feedback loop with your beta testers.

In this webinar, we'll cover the necessary components for driving tester feedback through engagement, including:

  • Building exciting and informative sign-up pages
  • Crafting activities to inspire exploration and drive feedback
  • Best practices for maintaining and closing the feedback loop

What We'll Cover

Encourage Tester Feedback

Learn how to encourage tester feedback at every stage of testing, from planning to closure, to ensure that you meet your testing goals.

Craft Engaging Activities

Get tips and best practices for creating relevant and engaging tester activities so that testers have plenty of feedback to submit about their experiences.

Closing the Feedback Loop

Discover why consistent tester communication and regular collaboration are key to generating tester-submitted feedback.

Watch the Webinar