The Case for Beta Testing to Evolve

Today's tech consumers demand perfected products — and today's tech companies have adopted Agile to quickly and effectively meet their customers' high expectations. But as real-world technology gets more complex and product development accelerates to keep up, traditional beta testing practices are falling behind.

The answer? Like the shift from Waterfall to Agile, it's time for traditional beta to evolve.

This impact report illustrates the macro trends shaping the future of product development and how organizations are staying ahead of the curve by embracing a modern beta testing methodology. Data shows that evolving beta testing processes leads to:

  • Less time spent on customer tests
  • Fewer project-related costs
  • Higher tester participation (and more actionable feedback)
  • Higher star ratings

To learn more about the full impact of evolved beta testing practices, download the report.

What's Inside the Report?

Why are some organizations moving forward while others are still treading water? This report looks at where they split, including insights on:

4 Macro Trends Shaping the Future of Testing

See the larger forces that are shaping the demands on beta testing results.

How Beta Stacks Up Against Agile

A look at traditional beta and its ability to support modern product development.

The Secret to an Agile Beta Program

See how evolved beta programs are increasing speed without sacrificing results.

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