Impact Report

The ROI of Testing
Pre-Release Products with Centercode

Every organization has its own way of managing beta. But if you've ever been part of the process, you know that delivering the ROI your company expects is hard.

Enter Centercode. This return-on-investment study conducted with actual customers shows how partnering with us helped companies tackle persistent user testing challenges. Spoiler: they knocked them out of the park.

What the Data Says About Partnering with Centercode

More Feedback (and $$ Saved)

Centercode increased quality by delivering over 3,600 pieces of feedback, avoiding $2.8M in costs by fixing bugs before release.

40% Less Time Spent Testing

Our customers reduced the overall time it took to complete research studies, which resulted in labor cost savings of over $620K.

Increased Engineering Efficiency

Organizations using Centercode for their user tests saw a 10% boost in engineering efficiency, which drove cost savings of $121K.

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